The Taigan

Meet the Taigans that started our journey, Aiya and Tay:

Taigan dogs standing in a field with flowers

Our boy, Kai, the only light beige male from their litter.

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Where are Taigans from?

The majority of the population lives in the mountain ranges of Kyrgyzstan, the Taigan is an aboriginal sighthound honoured for its ability to run (up to 60km/h), hunt (even take down wolves), protect (from said wolves), and fierce loyalty to their owner.

We were lucky to welcome this breed into our life when Luara arranged and brought over two Taigans (from separate reputable sources) to Vancouver in 2020. So it is time to introduce you to Aiya and Tay:

Beautiful female Taigan dog in car with glowing eyes

Aiya was bred by Svetlana Romanov


Welcoming the first litter of Taigans in Canada

Aiya, looking over and proud of her creation

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